The world of genealogy is constantly changing. Records on the Internet in particular increase at a great rate, and others become available in print. Tracing Ancestors in Barbados is a snapshot of records available at the time of writing.

Slave registers, wills, baptism and marriage records. 

Two important sets of records have been added to www.ancestry.co.uk (a subscription website). The slave register for 1834 which contains names of 100,000 slaves and their owners has been added and earlier years will follow soon, along with records for other islands. 

The slave registers are described on pp120-123 of Tracing Ancestors in Barbados. In addition Joanne Mcree Sanders’ ‘Barbados Records’ has been added. This includes records of baptism and marriage plus some wills. 

Full descriptions can be found in Tracing Ancestors in Barbados on pages 32 and 60.

Freedmen of Barbados

Names & Notes for Genealogical & Family History Research This publication, described on page 53 of Tracing Ancestors in Barbados is now available in a second, expanded edition. See more details (right click and save target as - 400KB - PDF File).

Voters registers

Readers are referred, on page 103 of Tracing Ancestors in Barbados, to the JBMHS 50:154-165 for a list of the registered voters in 1873. Professor Woodville Marshall subsequently undertook a detailed analysis of this list and his comments can be seen in the JBMHS 51: 187-241. Names, addresses and property details are given.

Slave manumission records

The records held at the Barbados Department of Archives under references RB7/26 & 27 and described on page 124 of Tracing Ancestors in Barbados have been transcribed and can be seen at: www.plantations.bb/manumission/

Slave Compensation Claims

When slaves were freed by the 1833 Emancipation Act the owners of those slaves were paid compensation by the British government. See page 52 of Tracing Ancestors in Barbados for a full description. The records for Barbados and Antigua can now be searched on http://compensations.plantations.bb/


The 1722 list of subscribers to the Mayo map of Barbados, described on page 92 of Tracing Ancestors in Barbados, can now be seen on http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~mwi/barbados.txt

This was contributed by members of the Genealogical Computing Group of the NZ Society of Genealogists.